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Academic Research | Oct 2018

The Potential Politics of Urban Artist-Run Residencies (UARRs) as Public Art in East Jerusalem

The photo features RRR East Jerusalem participants and team (clockwise from left to right): Diana Mardi, Riman Barakat, Nasrin Abu Baker, Anat Litwin, Zoe Bray, Rasem Masalha, Khitam Edelbi. The Roundtable took place on December 28 2016 at the Willy Brandt Center, Abu Tor neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Photo credit: Salam Qasam. Image courtesy of Anat Litwin.

What role do art and artists assume in a given social, cultural and political context? Dr. Zoe Bray,  visiting fellow at the European Forum of the Hebrew University, has been asking this question in Jerusalem (Israel-Palestine).  In 2017, through an invitation to participate in the Roundtable Residency Research East Jerusalem led by Anat Litwin, she has been investigating the possibility of developing Litwin’s idea of urban artist-run residencies (UARRs) in the specific context of East Jerusalem, characterized by continuing nationalist, ethnic and religious clashes.

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