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Academic Research | Jan 2018

International Artists-In-Residence 1990-2010 : Mobility, Technology and Identity in Everyday Art Practices

Image courtesy of the artist

Curated by Giorgia Gandolfini


Rita Vargas, PhD, artist and curator based in Finland, focused on the analysis of artists' statements and contemporary art produced in a context of travel, more specifically, in association with mobility programs, which have been growing exponentially in the last 20 years. Due to the development of these programs, in parallel with information technology supported by travelling facilities, artists have been challenged by unsettled transnational working practices and competition. Viewed by most of the artists as an opportunity for exploring creative processes, in one hand, changes of geographical environment impact in a lifelong learning and cultural maintenance, but in the other hand, artists’ statements reveal the dichotomy and paradox between globalization, collaboration and dispersion versus isolation, individualism and concentration. Travelling possibilities, despite being a fuel for creativity, are challenged by uncertainty. However, this uncertainty is based on artists' openness and willingness to travel internationally, which in turn, helps to develop the acknowledgment of cultural differences and barriers. Artists’ cross-cultural environments are then composed of international and intercultural communication issues and practices, where the sense of place, environmental awareness through multisensory experiences and the importance of everyday routines are reflected. Expressed by artists in the most varied ways, especially through performance art and site-specfic installations, cross-cultural environments are negotiated by artists’ hybrid identities, situated at the intersection of Western and Non-Western aesthetic traditions.

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