Residency Unlimited


Welcome to our newly formatted DIALOGUES platform of published critical and theoretical content on the evolving field of art residencies. By collecting a variety of perspectives including yours we give voice to:

Academic Research: we interview scholars investigating art residencies from a theoretical standpoint.
Practices: we include conversations with artists, curators and art managers engaged in developing non conventional artist residencies that serve as a critical catalyst.
Panels: we provide a content summary of selected panels and conferences on art residencies that are happening in New York City and internationally.

DIALOGUES is managed by curatorial consultants and research fellows Lalita Salander and Giorgia Gandolfini. Please contact us with your contributions.

Dec 2017

Artist Safety/Safe Haven Hosting

Nov 2017

Artist (Residency) and the City

Jan 2017

Embedded, Embedding: Artist Residencies, Urban Placemaking and Social Practice

Jul 2015

Residence Hopping: A Curatorial Affair

Jun 2011

Artist Residencies & Conflict Areas – Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building

May 2011

Nathalie Angles on Introducing New Disciplines at Re-tooling Residencies Conference – Nov 2009