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Mar, 2015

CURATICISM |The Gam #2, a Spoken Words Exhibition curated by Alessandro Facente

Spoken Words Exhibition: Panel Discussion
March 14, 2015


New York Art Residency & Studios (NARS) Foundation is delighted to introduce CURATICISM |The Gam #2, a Spoken Words Exhibition curated by Alessandro Facente with NARS Artists-in-Residence Karolina Kaźmierska (Poland, France), Denise Treizman (Chile), Tuo Wang (China), Tomasz Kobialka (Australia) and curator Jodi Waynberg (New York) about the concept of displacement as absorbing.

The GAM #2 will focus on the artist’s practice in relation to its mechanism of absorbing the surrounding reality once the artist lands in a new scenario, whatever it is, as a reaction to the absolute lack of any familiar visual and conceptual reference. The unknown surroundings foster the artist to cling to their own standard mechanism of specifically conceiving artworks and generally staying in the society but without having access to their usual superstructures - such as cultural, social, political and economical, as well as more technical including materials, tools or whatever inspires the daily work in the studio. Thus, the practice itself is free from its original home-territory and so a particularly good breeding ground for debating it as an autonomous and stable mechanism, more stable than the changes of geographies that artists use to explore at each displacement.

Drawing on the practice of four different artists and their range of media, CURATICISM |The Gam #2, as a regular show – but shaped as an open to public conversation - investigates the intersection of Treizman’s approach to repurposed found and ready-made objects spontaneously encountered during her daily routine, Kaźmierska’s method of recontextualizing painted façades and architectural details of Polish building blocks, logos or political signs, as well as motives which evoke popular aesthetics and historic regimes to construct multiple fluorescent tubes and black scotch tape sculptural mural installations that question the representation of existing structures of authority, Kobialka's practice informed by the philosophical writings of Timothy Morton, in which he examines the body and its capacity for bio-accumulation of toxicity, and finally, Wang’s manipulation of pre-defined patterns and initiate possibilities of narrative structure merged with lived experience, social behavior and anxiety of today. Interwoven, these practices are functional examples which shine a light on the role of the artist, both as human and professional, in shifting, sharing, manipulating, and so absorbing and influencing concepts and visions that it exports or takes being in different places and staying everywhere

- Alessandro Facente

The GAM is a series of spoken words exhibitions structured in such a way as to ask the artists to dig deep about ways their ideas are born and solidified, putting their experiences, as artists who come from different countries, into words for an audience. The GAM is part of the large-scale project CURATICISM, an ongoing attitude of curating in which the curator’s role is played as observer and witness of the artist’s way of making a piece of art, i.e. from the concept to the final creation, in order to critically outline a philology deeply belonging to its practice. Developed by the curator Alessandro Facente, CURATICISM identifies several activities that, although shaped each time in different forms, have the goal to explore the current status of the embedded curator, a long-form voice deep seated in the artist’s practice.


Alessandro Facente

NARS Foundation

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