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Aug, 2019

Christiaan Bastiaans: Valuable Cargo Project

Artwork Location: Oshima Port Area
Dates: Sept 28 - Nov 4, 2019

Hours: 10:15-16:00
Open every day during the Triennale
Admission: 300yen
The Setouchi Triennale 

Dutch artist Christian Bastians, who has inquired into the human condition through various media, will work with a European and Japanese cast and crew to produce "Valuable Cargo," a video installation plus live performance. The tale, inspired by the true story of lepers who were forcibly relocated to the remote Seto Inland Sea island of Oshima and kept in isolated quarantine for decades, explores human dignity. In addition, Liv Ullmann, a famous actress who has deeply involved herself in human rights issues, will be a special participant in the project. The installation, which narrates the story while incorporating documentary footage from a visit to Oshima, will be set up in a closed-down elementary school's gymnasium.


Christiaan Bastiaans

Christiaan Bastiaans and Beautiful Distress

Christiaan Bastiaans at Ace Hotel AIR series

Interview with Christiaan Bastiaans about Beautiful Distress

Christiaan Bastiaans in "Pharmacy Deux Miles" at Looiersgracht 60


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