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Alumni News |
Sep, 2015

Christiaan Bastiaans in “Pharmacy Deux Miles” at Looiersgracht 60

26 September – 25 October 2015
at Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam

‘Pharmacy Deux Milles’ is a major solo exhibition presenting over thirty new artworks by Dutch artist Christiaan Bastiaans. Bastiaans’s work explores the extremes of the human condition by engaging with people whose daily existence is dominated by a struggle for survival. In his earlier work, these ‘hurt models’, as he calls them, have included victims of war, socio-economic crises and social isolation.

Bastiaans’s upcoming exhibition at Looiersgracht 60 is not to be understood apart from the rest of the artist’s oeuvre. ‘Pharmacy Deux Milles’ continues to explore the lives of people trapped in trying situations. This exhibition however shifts the focus from factors outside the body that strip away a person’s humanity, to the innermost of biological factors: a person’s genetics. ‘Pharmacy Deux Milles’ brings to centre stage another type of ‘hurt model’: those who find themselves estranged from society due to mental and physical genetic defects.


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