Liinu Grönlund, Finland (March-May 2014)

It was a very productive and inspiring 3 months. I enjoyed making so many new contacts, and presenting my work to so many people makes me more confident of what I’m doing. It also helps me so much to have an international circle of artist friends and professionals – now I have my schedules partly planned till 2016. It is great to come out from the tiny art circles of your own country to meet the diversity in NYC. During these intensive 3 months I managed to make 2 new projects and also push more ideas forward.

Thierry Costeseque, France (Feb & May 2014)

My residency at RU enabled me to meet key art professionals from New York. Above all, thanks to RU’s production and logistical support I was able to produce a film which required riding a horse on Broadway in Manhattan. RU assisted me throughout, and the staff was available at each step of the way.

Rasmus Høj Mygind, Denmark (Feb-APril 2014)

RU helped me meet my goals, develop my practice and advance your career by setting up the talks with a few key individuals I wanted to meet. Having a base and reason to be in NY was crucial and the studio space RU provided was amazing.

Kristin McIver, Australia/New York City (Feb – Apr 2014)

During my residency, I commenced and completed a new series of work, titled Typecast, which was a departure or from my previous work. The conversations and feedback during the studio visits, along with the other artist residents and RU curators were extremely helpful in assisting me to clarify my ideas and bring the works to their resolution. The works were exhibited as a solo exhibition “Ways of Reading”, organized by RU at Court Tree Collective, a Brooklyn based gallery.

AImar Arriola, Basque Country, Spain (March-April 2014)

Because of my past work, I was already familiar with the major art institutions of NY. Returning now to the city guided by a small-scale structure as RU has allowed me to penetrate into other layers of the NY art-scene and create an exciting new working network.

Olivier Liégent, France (March 2014)

It is great to know that RU maintains its relationships with artists post residency and continues to support them in different ways. In terms of network, the team judiciously introduced me during my stay to art professionals who were receptive to my artistic intentions. Projects are underway…

JAJA – Julie Stavad & Johanne Lykke, Denmark (Jan – March 2014)

We are art students in our 4th year. Participating as RU artists in residence helped us develop a more confident and
settled practice. Feeling a glimpse of life as an artist after school was also very constructive. RU is a great way of meeting New York and we see our collaborative returning to the city in the nearest future.

Bruno Silva, France (Feb 2014)

RU helped me familiarize myself with the contemporary art scene in a large city like New York. I would never have been able to meet as many people without the support of this organization. Through this residency I am also able to envisage returning to New York to pursue a more developed project.

Maria Lynch, Brazil (2013-2014)

My 6 months residency with RU took me out of my comfort zone, to develop and make new associations. It was a very positive experience which benefited my practice tremendously.

Nora Silva, Spain (Jan – March 2014)

The RU residency helped me gain confidence and take my practice to the next step. I feel now closer to the idea of a professional that I have of myself. Thank you!

Ana Kutlesa, Croatia (Jan 2014) – Curator

What I liked the most during my (too short) participation at RU was a sense of solidarity and support which was created among the residents and RU staff. In the context of New York City, whose art scene dominantly fosters individual approach and competition, this was so valuable and refreshing.

Felipe Scovino, Brazil (January 2013) – Curator

The RU residency was a terrific experience for my career. I would like to come back in the near future and organize a show based on my research. Through RU’s support, I met curators from major institutions and was invited to participate in  a C-MAP program at MOMA.

Christine Laquet, France (Sept-Dec 2013)

RU was fully supportive from inception to completion of my project in NYC. Through RU’s partnership with Pioneer Works, I benefited from a large studio space where I was able to develop a performance that took place in Pioneer Works’ wonderful gallery space.

The RU team is very supportive, always friendly, enthusiastic and open-minded, with a deep involvement in the artistic research. It is aware of the importance of networking. I have total confidence in RU as an organization, how it promoted my work and organized regular meetings with different art professionals. The uniqueness of RU is reflected in the way it anticipates as much as possible which connections can be established on a case to case basis.

Onyedika Chuke, New York (August-October 2013)

As an artist with an emerging/young practice I found that R.U has created a system where virtually any needs of an artist can be met, an ability that might seem impossible to most—this system is possible due the staff that they employ and an immense database of organizations that they are affiliated with. During my time, I was able to meet a large number of curators from various backgrounds with varying viewpoints. Their studio visits helped me to clarify my ideas as well as allowed me to witness a variety of different approached used to view and analyze artwork. The conversations eventually began to serve as a continuation of my work in which digital display and interpersonal dialogue became as important as the creation of the work.

The digital display allowed me to show more work from longer spans of time, as opposed to a traditional studio visit: which limits the conversation to only the objects at are present within the studio. The retrospective aspect of the digital format allowed me to better understand reoccurring themes in my work, it also helped in being able to discern how the documentation of a work can be organized and displayed.

Orsina Pasargiklian, UK/Italy (Oct-Dec 2013)

Most importantly, RU helped me to create a network in a city where I intend to go back to for a longer period of time in the near future. RU has been a great launching platform into the New York art world. I am truly grateful for this experience.

Julia Oldham, USA (Oct-Dec 2013)

My time with RU was incredibly fruitful. My network in New York has expanded significantly through
meetings with curators, and many opportunities for exhibition have come out of those meetings as well. I
participated in RU’s residency with the hope that my time would help to push my career to its next stage, and to help me create an even more solid foundation for networking here in the city since I do not live here full time. I have about 10 new people that I will be emailing regularly about my work, and at least 3 concrete exhibition opportunities that arose from my residency thus far. Speaking with so many different curators also helped me to find answers to several questions I had about the direction of my current work. RU absolutely helped me to meet my goals, develop my practice, AND advance my career.

Katarina Poliacikova, Slovakia (Nov-Dec 2013)

The best a-i-r experience I’ve had so far; a very complex approach to artist residency, stimulating artist’s career and professional growth on many levels. Besides that, the church where RU resides and the whole area of Cobble Hill is a great refuge when NYC feels too overwhelming.

Philip Emde, Germany (April/Sept 2013)

RU guides you through the rough jungle of New York City and opens you a large field to explore your opportunities in this great city…

Jonathan Lemieux, Canada (Oct-Nov 2013)

RU was able to provide me with a bubble in which I could create my most personal and intense work of my career. They gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do as a work of art, but in doing so, they gave me the right pointers in best achieving my goal. I am not writing this to be nice, but I have had the best time of my life at RU. Every lecture, every presentation, ever curator I have met is helping me have another vision of my work, another angle of my art. I am extremely happy with my two months there. I wish I had another month, but maybe that’s because I’m going to miss the people that were there.

Jacynthe Carrier, Canada (Sept-Oct 2013)

This residency was a great and fulfilling experience. RU team is great and dedicated.

Beatrice Scaccia, New York/Italy (Sept – Oct 2013)

The 2 months residency at RU gave me back my focus and energy that a city like NY sometimes takes from you. It is such a nice feeling knowing RU is re there, on Court Street, working to help artists and their practice in such a unique and serious way.

Adam Vackar, Czech Republic (Nov 2013)

The RU impact was big and important, it has changed the way I was thinking before. It has broadened my professional network not only in US but also in my home country, I had met very interesting Czech art professionals in NYC. Thanks to RU, I was able to work together on an exhibition project with Zachary Fabri, a fabulous NYC based artist. It was a great experience of creative collaboration.

I met my goal to change the way of thinking about art making in certain aspects, it made me realize the importance of being more open and communicative. On the whole it has advanced my career, the mesasures are hard to describe exactly, but its very complex and very positive.

Liang-Pin Tsao, Taiwan (July – Sept 2013)

RU’s assistance, knowledge and connection in arts empowered me to achieve what I wouldn’t be able to do and largely facilitate my workflow and decision-making.Please hang in there to help more artists achieve their goals. Your presence and existence in the art world is empowering and reassuring for the artists. Thank you for being there!

I Ting Hou, Taiwan (July-Sept 2013)

Thank you RU for your professional support and giving me the chance to create a great show with other RU artists. This was the most exciting part of my residency. As a result I learned how to collaborate with other artists and enjoyed this process very much. In addition each staff member at RU gave me useful suggestions that helped my practice evolve. The studio visits were also very valuable since they allowed me to share different points of view with a wide range of curators and art professionals. 

Avigail Talmor, Israel (July-Sept 2013)

Thanks to RU team and program I accomplished the main goal I set myself during my 3 months residency: creating a dialogue with other artists and curators while introducing my work to professionals from NY art scene. Through the intensive meetings accompanied by the possibility to show new work in the RU curated group exhibition,  I managed to achieve those goals. This inspiring process has expended my artistic pathway to new mediums and was technically possible with support of the RU team.The high professional level, friendly and informal atmosphere, great location and personal interaction are the things making RU such an amazing experience.


Tashi Brauen, Switzerland (July-Sept 2013)

RU is a unique residency to attend! The staff and the involved people and institutions are great. My stay helped a lot to develop new ideas and I also learned how to reflect and speak better about my art. I liked the balance of structured procedure and informal talks and meetings that enabled an organic and open experience. All the meetings at RU were very different and unique. The ones that helped me the most where those where there was a kind of a dialogue between the visitor and me. We searched together the essence of my work or discussed how I could work further on. The close contact to the staff and also the possibility and facilities RU was offering was amazing!

Arttu Merimaa , Finland (July-Aug 2013)

I found the two month period in Residency Unlimited to be an important moment of self-evaluation.
The discursive approach of the residency and the customized support for each individual resident gave me a chance to look deeper into the concepts that I’m
dealing with right now and the direction of my artistic practice in general. As a video maker, I found that RU has a professional and knowledgeable staff in that field, able to provide good assistance for production purposes. This residency also introduced me to many local and international art field professionals giving me a good overview of the local art scene in New York and a great set of contacts for the future.

Christopher Fulton, Kentucky (July – Aug 2013)

The staff at RU couldn’t be kinder, more considerate or more effective in helping residents achieve their goals. Almost any issue you have they take care of, or try their best to resolve. And they come up with ideas for activities you hadn’t even considered and which open up new possibilities for your work. Thank you, RU staff, for all your attention, interest, and care!

Ana Bilankov, Croatia (June 2013)

At this particular moment in my trajectory, the RU residency has proved to be very important for me. This experience allowed me to receive full support as I investigated new ideas for production and research. But one month is definitely too short, so my plan is to return to this ‘little art factory’ in Brooklyn with its entirely dedicated RU-staff.

Rae Goodwin, Kentucky (July-Aug 2013)

The support I received from RU is unparalleled in my career as an artist. They cared, invested and supported me in my practice, exhibitions and conversations with other curators. This experience was incredibly transformative. I am so very grateful to know these amazing people and am proud to have worked with this excellent organization!

Derek Brueckner, Canada (Aug 2013)

A highly professional residency program with established curators and an environment that can gives the opportunity to expand and develop one’s work, ideas and network.

Yana Dimitrova, New York (Feb – June 2013)

Every meeting I had at RU was valuable. I was able to share my work and thought process with a large range of professionals and have been incredibly lucky to have most of them positively respond to my work. Some have offered exhibition opportunities,others have started a dialogue with me about possible future events and opportunities.

One of the biggest pluses for me was the opportunity to discuss my work with art professionals. Additionally with the help of RU staff, I learned how to build my own web page and re design the pre-existing one. The field trips and the opportunities generated by this residency are also step stones in advancing my career.

Magnus Pettersen, Denmark (April-June 2013)

RU had all the knowledge about the New York art scene that I needed. They helped me and advanced my career in many ways. They helped me expand and broaden my artistic work from the Scandinavian scene to worldwide in no time.

Maybe one of the most sensible thing I’ve done in my entire life,

a big THANK YOU to the RU team.

Dorte Jelstrup, Denmark (June 2013)

For artists it is of the biggest importance to travel and your work at the RU gives precisely these opportunities for artists. I can´t stress this enough; what you do at the RU is of great and I guess in many cases lasting importance in the development of new projects and works created by the artists that come by at the RU. Thank you very much for making this happen!!!


Otavio Schipper, Brazil (May-June 2013)

RU has been very supportive to my research project demands, and also in connecting me with different people such as curators, writers, artists, art critics, that have helped on the development of my current artistic project. Through the studio visits provided by Residency Unlimited I was able present my recent work and critically discuss the development of my artistic practice, with many different interesting people, and receive important feedback.

Aukje Lepoutre Ravn, Denmark (May 2013) – Curator

What I accomplished at RU surpassed all of my expectations. RU played a very valuable role organizing and planning most of my studio visits with artists I was interested in meeting. They introduced me to many interesting individuals within the framework of their wide ranging network. RU also supported me greatly by giving me completely free reign to execute the performance by Tove Storch as I found best. Through RU I had the opportunity to meet artists, curators, gallery directors and museum professionals that I would not have been able to meet otherwise. This is tremendously valuable for a curator coming from abroad who wants to expand their personal network.

I am very impressed by RU’s support. As a smaller residency, the RU team is able to prioritize valuable one-on-one engagement with each resident, which I find absolutely crucial, especially for young artists who are in New York for their first time. I felt extremely welcome and cared for on a professional level. Also the preparations prior to the residency were great. This is important I believe, because the clearer idea you have of what the purpose of the stay is for each resident, the more targeted your support can be. I felt that all the studio visits organized by RU were valuable and made sense in relation to the wishes I had mapped out. So I can only encourage RU to continue their existing line of work.


Samnang Khvay, Cambodia (April-May 2013)

Thank you so much for giving me Everything Unlimited!

Stefan Papco, Slovakia (Feb-April 2013)

Thank you very much for everything you have done. To be part of RU was definitelly the best thing I have experienced in NY.

Yan Gi Cheng, Hong Kong (April-May 2013)

I have just completed a two month residency at RU and it has been a life changing experience for me not only giving me a very passionate and committed art community to engage with but also the technical support in realizing a sight specific video / sonic installation work as part of a group show with two other artists in residence. The network of professionals which RU are affiliated with have been very positive in responding to my art, giving me a wide understanding of the diversity of how the art world functions not only here in New York but internationally too. I have learned how to articulate the ideas behind my art practice to curators, established artists and organizations and also in public speaking. I have lived with a group of robotic installation artists in Redhook which has been a very interesting experience getting to know the local artistic community and seeing a different side to New York. To be immersed in a foreign environment has opened up other avenues in my art practice and it has given me a sense of freedom and confidence in pursuing art professionally.

Lucas Maddock, Australia (Mar-May 2013)

Being able to address specific and varied creative projects, I was impressed to see that RU’s ‘dynamic residency’ model is perfectly adaptive to the needs of contemporary, post-medium and trans-disciplinary practices. RU brings together an interesting and active community of artists and curators which creates a stimulating creative environment. Nathalie’s knowledge of current practices and exhibitions was extremely valuable to my research project, as was the theoretical discussions and research recommendations by with Maud. Christine’s research assistance, Sebastien’s technical assistance and Boshko’s project feedback were also very valuable. I highly recommend RU for artists or curators seeking a dynamic and flexible residency experience.

Harold Guerin, France (Oct-Nov 2012)

During my too brief 2 months stay, my experience with RU was intense and interesting at many levels. With the help of the RU team, my main focus was to network and present my practice to targeted meetings with various established actors of the NYC art scene. Meetings took place at RU as well as in other locations , with many exciting and refreshing discussions. Critics, art historians, gallerists, curators, artists.. the RU web also extends to Europe.

I enoyed interacting with RU fellow artist.  RU also helped translate French texts into English relating to specific works . The RU team understands the needs of an artist who comes to New York for the first time. I appreciate RU’s flexible approach which begins before the artist arrives and does not necessarily end when the residency is over. I continue to be part of RU’s wide community.

Jagna Ciuchta, France (Jan-Mar 2013)

Working with Residency Unlimited was a great human and professional experience.

My exchange with RU started few months before I came to NYC to pursue my research project Missing Alina related to the exhibition Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone 1955-1973 at MoMA.

RU staff was above all constantly receptive to my work and its transformations inherent in the process. They were dynamic, generous, thought-provoking and their support was essential for me to carry out the project and go beyond. I had a lot of exciting encounters and discussions with curators and art professionnals that took place at the RU space and outside. Some of these meetings have led to new opportunities such as an exhibition proposal I am working on right now..

Daniela Antonelli, Brazil (March – April 2013)

Now that the residency is over and I have returned to my own context I can really understand how enriching this experience was. First of all, the meetings generated by RU were very rewarding. Presenting my practice to others, looking at it and trying to understand it. The studio visits were different every time. It was great to get to know the New York art scene this way. See what is going on and how it works. Whereas I did not have a particular project in mind during this residency (I received financial support from the Brazilian Government and a private collector), this gave me freedom to just experience New York and the RU program. I learned much from this pulsing city just by being there. At the end of the program, RU invited me to create an installation of my work at the church as part of a collective exhibition. It was a valid experience to work inside this particular space.

It is important for me as an artist to leave my work zone for a while. Seeing the world and being a part of it. RU was a guide for me through this experience providing connections, knowledge, a geographical base, technical and networking support.

I honestly appreciate the work of the all RU team. You are always working to create opportunities and making connections.

Vladimir Čajkovac, Croatia (Feb 2013) – Curator

I spent one month in a residency program jointly set up by Residency Unlimited and Visual AIDS in New York in February 2013. During this time, I had a chance to meet or be introduced to all thepivotal actors of aids activism and research. It was an immense satisfaction to get an opportunity to meet the artists and researchers I was writing about.

This precision and sharpness is what I found most valuable with Residency Unlimited. One month in New York is short, especially being there for the first time. Never before at an exchange program had I been guided so precisely to my goals. Every single meeting was notable; every single person I met provided valuable information, inputs and important contacts for my future research. Working with the Visual AIDS office was also great. Their archive is very interesting for my research as well as their thorough knowledge and experience on the subject. They were the best hosts I could have imagined. Always open for questions, ready to help, so I have gained during this month not just long term collaborators but friends also.

I started to work as project leader at the project “AIDS as a Global Media Event: An intercultural comparison of posters and their imagery” at the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden. The project developed by DHMD is part of an International Museum Fellowship Program supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and Goethe Institute.

The New York experience gave me an enormous advantage. This is why I asked for Residency Unlimited to be listed at the official web page of the project next to my biography.

Julie Favreau, Canada (Feb 2013)

My residency at RU left me with a strong sense of introduction to a certain nyc art scene conversation. This is mainly due to the Ru team effort to provide us with extensive update to what is possible to see/do/discuss. One of my goals with this residency was to exchange with professionals interested by art dealing with choreographic and sculptural preoccupations. I had the chance to meet some of the leading curators and thinkers of the field.

Ru is an exceptional structure, working in synchronization of each artist reality and projects. Their dynamic is both following the city flow and artists needs. Each member of the crew share is own particularity, building a brilliantly strong team. They are amazing.

Carolin Knebel, Germany (Dec 2012) – Arts Educator

As an art educator for 3 months at Residency Unlimited, my experience was very positive and differed from my usual work in art institutions where I design educational workshops related to the exhibition program. At RU, I had the chance to collaborate with local and international artists and take part in the realization of their projects, in particular with Heta Kuchka who worked with Alzheimer patients. At RU, my focus of research was the topic »collaboration«: What are the differences in the methods and aims employed by artists who engage people in their artistic projects and those of art educators? Thanks to RU’s strong network and connective abilities, I formed meaningful relations which continue after my stay. RU gave me the opportunity to present my research to the NewYork audiences at a public talk that I conduced with Joe Fusaro from Art21. Noteworthy is my interaction with the RU New York based artist Paul de Muro who made it possible for me to participate in a workshop with children from the Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement House after school program in Queensbridge (supported by the Joan Mitchell Foundation). Overall I am struck by RU’s serious and honest interest in bringing people together.

Thanks so much to the RU staff who made of my time such an inspiring stay.

Jolanda Jansen, Netherlands (February 2013)

My experience of working with Residency Unlimited has been very satisfying. It has been a good learning experience to present my work to curators and critics. I could reflect on my work and in discussions I could sharpen my own statement as an artist.

Through the network of Residency Unlimited could easily find my way in New York to my personal interest and within the huge opportunities and artistic events that New York has to offer. Even they sensed in what kind if scene I would feel at home and they contacted me with an performance scene that inspired me a lot.

I could benefit of the great space that RU has and used the church for my investigation in performance. I used the height of the space for a new setup for my performance and I had a lot of technical support! I also learned some new technical tricks.

I really enjoyed the RU team and would highly recommend the Residency to other artist.

Paul DeMuro, New York City (Dec 2012)

As a busy New York artist and teacher, the flexibility afforded by RU was very important. RU understands that artists exist in a state of flux and their needs change quickly. Between working in the studio, commuting, teaching, as well as having various odd jobs, things often get hectic. RU was very attentive to working with and around my schedule. At the time of my stay I would not of been able to work with a residency that had too rigid a structure. Opportunities are presented with attention towards practical needs and artistic goals. This is the kind of support that I find so helpful, and to be honest, too rare in the art world.

Being introduced to the diverse group of thinkers (artists, educators, facilitators, curators, historians, activists, etc) that comprise a Residency Unlimited residency not only opened up and expanded my own thinking about my work, but also exposed me to ideas and goals that exists in different parts of the world. For an artist existing in a global context the kind of discourse RU facilitates is invaluable. What I will miss most about the residency is the weekly conversations, both planned and coincidental, that I was able to have with the other residents, visitors, and staff.

While this testimonial feels like somewhat of a good bye, I feel very happy knowing that I am now part of the extended Residency Unlimited family and I look forward to keeping the conversations going. Even though the residency is over, I still have plans through and with the community fostered at RU. That is a testament to the amazing flexibility and dedication put forth by the RU team.

Heta Kuchka, Finland (Jan 2013)

I worked on my latest video installation “Present” with the help of Residency Unlimited in the fall of 2012. RU offers tailored production assistance for each project with focus directly on the artist. Having followed RU’s working methods and activities for a long time I was confident I would be able to finish my project in the limited time I had. The staff and I had started planning my project already a year before my residency, and our collaboration became more frequent during the last six months. When I arrived everything was ready for me to get straight to work. I worked together with Shore Hill Senior Center in Brooklyn organized by RU and was given the opportunity to show my new work at The Abrons Arts Center. I would have never been able to execute my project without the help of RU knowing how difficult it is just to get content forms especially in a city like New York. My work process was easy because of the professional production-focused approach. 

Residency Unlimited stands out from the other residency programs due to the logistical help they provide to artists for them to be able to complete their work. In addition RU has a vast network in the New York art scene as well as internationally. Being from Europe I consider studio visits with European curators -that I was also  introduced to by RU in New York-an additional advantage for the future of my career after my return home. I’ve been back in Helsinki for 2 weeks and I’m already missing the warm atmosphere. I want to thank everyone at Residency Unlimited for making my experience so wonderfully productive.  

Sonia Louise Davis, New York City (Oct-Dec 2012)

Participating in the joint residency organized by Residency Unlimited and the Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education was an incredible experience. For three months this fall I was able to undertake my most ambitious project to date within the structures of two dynamic organizations collaborating to provide unique personalized support. In weekly meetings with guest curators at RU’s space in Brooklyn I was able to share my project as it evolved, make valuable connections with both NY-based and international members of the art community, as well as hone necessary skills in articulating my growing artistic practice. RU staff connected me with a guest curator working on an exhibition at Casita Maria in Hunts Point that aligned perfectly with my project and provided added structure for community workshops and presentation of my work in the Bronx. Both organizations were generous, flexible and understanding of my schedule, which enabled me to take full advantage of the residency and its customized attention while maintaining my day-to-day responsibilities. As a New York native, I was able to broaden my exposure to a wider range of art and social justice oriented circles than I might have encountered on my own and build lasting relationships for continued involvement in the future. I would recommend the residency to any artist looking for an exciting, personalized opportunity to work collaboratively in a critical, supportive environment with an amazing community. I’m extremely grateful.