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Aug, 2009

Brandstifter – Monkey Town – Aug 14th, 2009

Lázaro Valiente
(from México)
+ guests
(from the world and the arts)
@ Monkey Town this friday.

*mezcal images attached (the same one we we will drink before the show, kind sponsor and beautiful social project)

Friday, August 14
Admission: $8 (Free San Honesto Mezcal  with admission), from 7- 8 PM
Showtime: 8pm
reservations  are recommended

Lázaro Valiente will be directing, composing and suggesting musical moments for a group of interdisciplinary artists

(musicians,visual artists, photographers, writers,etc..)

who will then improvise each in their own activity in such a way that the room will get lighted,

projected, recorded, photographed, exposed, danced,etc.,etc.

very Special collaborating artists for tomorrow night:
--Olivia Wyatt


--Grady Gerbracht

--Shaun Kessler

--Cassie Thornton

-Julius Schmiedel


*video flyer attached
*mezcal images attached (free drink from 7 to 8 pm)

Heres a direct link to the video flyer that has all the info:


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