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Aug, 2009

Brandstifter – Ein Kleines Stück Papier Pt.2 – Flux Factory

Flux is 15!

We’re getting old!  Come celebrate the glory of age with us at Flux Thursday, on August 13th from 8 pm on.

Brandstifter, Ik-Song Jin, Pak-Kei Mak, Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria, Julius Schmiedel, and Lázaro Valiente will be presenting recent work, and Dome Theater will perform Future Rickshaw, a play by Forrest Gillespie.  Bring some food or drinks to share!


Joanna Borkowska: In the Realm of Slow Painting

The winner of RU’s 2019 Residency Raffle is Bas Peeters!

Pauline Batista “Is Your System Optimized?”

Jagna Ciuchta – upcoming FROM FLOOD TO FLIGHT and VERTICALITY

Tashi Brauen : ARTACHMENT