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Jun, 2018

Anna Harsanyi: In, Of, and Crossing Essex wraps up and other projects

Our former resident Anna Harsanyi just shared 3 projects that she is involved in.

In, Of, and Crossing Essex wraps up

For six weeks, In, Of, and Crossing Essex presented projects by Sonia Louise Davis, Dillon de Give, and Hatuey Ramos-Fermín that explored Essex Market in a moment of transition: moving from its historic location to a new building across Delancey Street as part of the Essex Crossing development. Thank you to Essex Street Market and all of the vendors, market shoppers, and project visitors who participated in the programs, stopped by for a conversation, shared their memories, and experienced the Market in new or unexpected ways. Artists Alliance Inc and Fourth Arts Block  co-organized an enriching series of discussions around supporting small businesses in our city.

Shaun Leonardo: Primitive Gamesand Imagining the Social in Artistic and Museum Practices at the Guggenheim

The current project she has been working on as part of Guggenheim Social Practice is Shaun Leonardo: Primitive Games, which culminates in a performance on Thursday, June 21st. She interviewed Shaun for the Guggenheim's blog about his process developing this work, you can read it in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. The day after the performance, on Friday, June 22nd, they have organized a symposium that will gather practitioners of socially engaged art to consider how museums and other organizations can play a role in supporting and responding to this field.


Time Off is Hard Work written for Recess

She also had the opportunity to participate in Recess' Critical Writing Fellowship, contributing a text in conjunction with Manuel Molina Martagon's project El Recreo. Manuel turned Recess into a home base for restaurant workers, with diverse programming ranging from meals and entertainment to conversations and workshops addressing current issues faced by the food service community. In response, she wrote a reflection on some of her own experiences working in the restaurant industry, as well as those of her fellow co-workers over the past 15 years.


Queens Museum Studio Program partners with Residency Unlimited, welcomes three new artists in residence

Lőrinc Borsos – ‘AND AFTER THE FIRE CAME A GENTLE WHISPER: SHOW ME YOUR FETISH!’ by Another Name at Another gallery, New York

Matej Knezevic, Reynier Leyva Novo, and Regina Parra – Holes in Maps | Curated by Juliana Steiner, RU alum

Rashwan Abdelbaki and Remijon Pronja | Executive (Dis)Order: Art, Displacement, & the Ban (Community Partnership Exhibition) at the Queens Museum

Catarina de Oliveira presents her solo show “Fire Yearns to Burn”