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Mar, 2017

Alessandro Facente’s Solo Exhibition at Ateliê397 in São Paulo (Brazil)

March 18th, 5pm
Rua Professor Gonzaga Duque 148, Pompeia.

Ru alum Alessandro Facente curates The São Paulo Episode – The GAM#6 [curaticism] a Spoken-Word Exhibition with artists Renata de Bonis, Flora Leite, Marcelo Barros, Maura Grimaldi, Beto Shwafaty, Daniel de Paula and guest curator Thais Rivitti.

In the form of a public talk, the conversation centers around the concept of “displacement as overlapping”.

Within the frame of The São Paulo Episode – The GAM#6 [curaticism], overlapping is intended to signify the approach of these six São Paulo-based artists’ practices to re-imagine the current reality. This is expressed through new forms that compete with the visual or the sense of original source and function as parallel to it.

The talk considers the ways in which these practices provide alternative versions of the appearance of the current political, economical, social, architectural, urban, natural and historical landscape to question the contradictions of its current status in order for what is forgotten, hidden and still unresolved to re-emerge. Overlapping one another, these alternative versions encourage a conversation on the infinite possibilities of reality to be conceptually re-articulated, visually re-expressed and critically re-discussed.

The previous five GAM episodes were hosted by different venues and institutions, including NARS Foundation, Brooklyn in 2014 and 2015 and HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Program) in 2016. The São Paulo Episode – The GAM#6 [curaticism] marks the start of the sixth chapter of this series.

The Suomenlinna Episode - The GAM#5 [curaticism]

Borrowing the title from the 53rd chapter of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick - in which GAM is meant as "A social meeting of two whale-ships" - The GAM is a series of Spoken Words Exhibitions about the artist’s role in shifting and sharing concepts between different places, with the aim to analyze and debate how their practice enriches the vision and knowledge of a given scenario. Different curators are involved each time as external points of view on issues addressed by the artists during these public sessions.

The project is structured to ask the invited artists to dig deep into the ways in which their ideas are born and solidified, putting their experiences, as artists who come from different countries and cultural contexts, into words for an audience.

The GAM is part of the large-scale project curaticism, an ongoing attitude towards curating in which the curator’s role is played as observer and witness of the artist’s way of making a piece of art, in order to critically outline a philology deeply belonging to its practice. The aim is to “critically” uncover  and observe the ideas and thoughts resulting from an in-progress visual phenomenon and “curatorially” position the same phenomenon within an equally in-progress contemporary scenario.

Developed by the curator Alessandro Facente, CURATICISM identifies several activities that, although shaped each time in different forms, have the goal to explore the current status of the embedded curator, a long-form voice deep seated in the artist’s practice.


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The São Paulo Episode – The GAM#6 [curaticism]


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