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Nov, 2014

Alessandro Facente curates CURATICISM | The Gam #1, a Spoken Words Exhibition at Nars Foundation

November 22, 5pm

The Gam is a series of Spoken Words Exhibitions about the artist’s role in shifting and sharing concepts between different places, with the aim to analyze and debate how their practice enriches the vision and knowledge of a given scenario. Born out of the private and constant dialogues that the curator, Alessandro Facente, constantly has had with the artists in-residence at the NARS Foundation, The Gam is the public outcome where these privately-debated concepts, topics and ideas existing before and during the realization of an artwork, become the shown objects of these spoken words exhibitions. They are structured in such a way as to ask the artists to dig deep into the ways that their ideas are born and solidified, putting their experiences, as artists, into words for an audience. The artists will introduce their processes, in terms not only of making, but also in terms of inner meanings, creative process, failure, chance and their relationships with current approaches to theorizing the artwork as a whole.

Different curators, whose work has proved to be sensitive to the intimate dialogues with the artists, are involved each time as external points of view on issues addressed by the artists during these public sessions. The objective is to stimulate an open debate on “embedded curating”, inviting curators to reflect on the curatorial practice itself as a discipline deeply linked to the artist’s gesture and its evolution over time.
Each conversation will focus on specific issues that, during the private sessions of studio visit, come out of the coherent connections that exist between the responses that the artists give to questions such the following: what the artists are exporting from their home-cities and home-countries, how this displacement is influencing their practice, as well as what and how the latter is adding to this new context and to the American art scene in general.

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Alessandro Facente

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