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Feb 2015 | Activities: XLerateART

Man Bartlett Interviewed on Leo Weekly


Meet Man Bartlett, a New York City-based artist who is doing a residency in Louisville in conjunction with IDEAS 40203

"Man Bartlett is many things: visual artist, graphic artist, video artist, performance artist and more, and his work has been seen everywhere from Freies Museum in Berlin to a Best Buy store.

But for the next few weeks, he’s in Louisville for the first time, working on a residency project in conjunction with the local IDEAS 40203, New York-based Residency Unlimited and a provider called Thrive365, which hosts an app that helps people with diabetes manage their diets and lifestyles.

Bartlett came here as part of an ongoing initiative to team up creative thinkers such as himself with companies looking for new ways to problem solve or new ways to expand their scope – essentially, bringing a fresh mind brimming with ideas to an application that is chosen by IDEAS 40203 and Residency Unlimited specifically to collaborate with a company or entrepreneur."

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