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Jan, 2018

Naomi Okubo: Piles of The Surface at Elsa Art Gallery, Taipei 

Naomi Okubo: I'm in a Dream 棉布壓克力 61×76.1cm 2017

Naomi Okubo: Piles of The Surface 
Elsa Art Gallery , Taipei 
Exhibition dates: January 13-February 11, 2018

Yunqing Art Center is pleased to announce the solo show "Piles of the Surface" by Japanese artist Naomi OKUBO. The exhibition consists of more than 10 new works reflecting on fashion, mainstream values, and the representation of women's ideal lifestyle. Okubo's gorgeous bright colors and their decorative effect attempt to sugar-coat and puzzle the general view of contemporary life's appearance, while using a variety of real and fantastic overlapping life styles, to explore today's social consumption of images. Okubo explores how ones own identity and perception of ideal life are influenced by the mass media and online communities.

The exhibition is titled "Piles of Surface life layer", reflecting a creative use of collage practices, translating the very familiar image of our lives, combined into a utopian ideal picture. However, the layers are peeled off, but only by different, intercepted pictures that contain the ideal of others' lives and the results of the stacking. "People eventually live in images rather than reality," Okubo responds to the proposition of the exhibition and its elements.



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